No matter what you sell, it’s all about standing out from the competition. An attractively designed custom box packaging inspires the customers at its best. It is the best way to make your products sell. The way you design your package boxes determine how distinct your products look on shelves. Of course, a good reputation goes a long way but an inspiring packaging design creates a drastic impact on sales. It provides an eye-catchy display to the customers and stimulates the purchase behavior. The whole responsibility is on the shoulders of designers. They work on innovative box packaging ideas to provide something exceptional to the customers. Here we are going to highlight some of the most interesting box packaging designs to stand out:

  • Innovative Shapes:

This incredible custom packaging design for pistachio was a big hit. The secret of its success lies in its innovative shape. According to the designers, wholesale product packaging was made after a thoughtful process that focuses on user experience and functionality. The main intention was to create such an image that depicts the crunchiness of the product. These pistachio shaped auto lock boxes were a perfect example of functionality and innovativeness.

  • Attractive Illustrations:

Using attractive illustrations to design your cardboard packaging boxes wholesale is another way to inspire the customers. Let us take the example of graphics on the Marou line of chocolates. They conjure up with traditional Vietnamese designs to create a trademark. The lush patterns and hand-made illustrations to design custom product packaging are derived from the paper we see in Vietnam markets. It looks like ceremonial decoration or a festive paper. The typography seems old with hand-made signage, still visible in the country.

  • Interesting Die-Cuts:

These clever custom cut cardboard boxes for CS light bulbs tend to be fairly utilitarian packaging. They are designed with the illustration of an insect having little cut-outs to show the actual product. The box die cuts make an important part of packaging design. The detailed drawings of insects and the bulb itself are paired with certain bugs depending on the shape and size. Long, thin bulbs are placed in dragonfly boxes, while coiled bulbs become the abdomen of a bumblebee. Such type of wholesale window boxes was used by various custom packaging companies for their products.

  • Minimalistic Style:

Minimalism has been ruling the industry for years. It has been made its way in the retail sector in no time. With cannabis becoming less illegal in the USA, various cannabis brands have tried to create a packaging that stands out. Let us consider these minimally designed custom made boxes for products.  The packaging box manufacturers have introduced none other than Pentagram to design the brand identity for this cannabis product: Leafs by Snoop. The idea steps far away from buying a grubby small bag of greenery. The folding box is designed distinctively using a leaf-based logo with a wide range of edibles including six chocolate bars, and cannabis sweets called Dog Treats.

  • Inject Some Fun:

If your product is made in a particular way, never hesitate to incorporate the fact in its packaging design. Moreover, it is better to add some fun elements to inspire customers. Let us take the example of these product packaging boxes for homemade cookies. They are designed in the shape of the little oven with insert trays, providing a feeling to customers that they are delivered with freshly baked cookies at their doorstep.


  • Think about the Experience:

Just think about the actions a person goes through while interacting with a product. In this case, it is a simple product i.e. slippers but it is made highly luxurious by adding a layering effect. The product comes inside a nice dust ruffle, which is afterward placed inside wholesale small boxes. As the purchaser opens it, he is surprised to see another package nestled inside to discover the slippers. This simple act of layering the package adds to the luxury aspect. As a result, the customer becomes willing to spend some extra dollars to gain a wonderful experience.

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